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Capital Campaign Changes – November 2022

Dear Parishioner,

In the spring of 2016 Saint Andrew parish initiated its most recent capital campaign, Enrich, Expand, Grow. The Archdiocese had asked us to raise $250,000 for Catholic Schools and in addition, we identified 4 projects for the campaign; new lighting for the church, repairs to the church stained-glass windows, disconnect the church and rectory heating from the school boiler with their own dedicated boiler, and an expansion of the school with some green space for school and parish use. The estimate for these projects was $2,250,000 and thanks to the generosity of parishioners, $2,434,945 was pledged, to be collected over a five-year period.

To date, with the amount that has been collected, $1,895,970, we’ve been able to complete the new lighting and stained-glass windows projects. A report on revenue and expenditures can be found at The school extension was slated to be the next project. But, with yearly cost increases, it became apparent that we would not have enough to complete this particular project.

This past Spring, we hired CCS to conduct a feasibility study for Saint Andrew to ascertain if we’d be able to raise the additional funds. The results from the study clearly indicated that we would not be able to raise the required money. A copy of the feasibility report’s findings can be found at

After extensive research by our Facilities and Construction Committee, in conjunction with the consultation of parish leadership, the decision has been made to not pursue the expansion of the school at this time. The remaining funds will be used to complete the designated fourth project, new boilers for the campus which will alleviate the strain and operating costs on the boilers located within the school. Whatever money is left over upon the installations of the boilers will be used for some other capital improvement. No funds from this campaign will be used for operating costs.

I am sorry that we will not be able to fully accomplish what we had said we would do. But, the prevailing wisdom is that proceeding further is just not possible at this time even as we have temporarily met our most urgent facility needs. Recall that the original intent of the expansion of the school was largely meant to house our Early Childhood Education program. With the demolition of the Annex and a retrofit of the former Social Hall we’ve been able to relocate the Early Childhood Education program, as well as create a much needed green space.

Thank you to all who supported this campaign through your prayers and financial contributions. Because of your generosity we’ve eliminated the life and safety hazard presented by the old church lighting and we’ve saved our beautiful stained-glass windows that were in danger of irreparable damage. By next winter we will have set up a cost-saving and efficient heating system for the entire campus. We have solved a facility need and established more open space on our campus. This is truly incredible work ensuring the vitality of our community for years to come.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Julie Richards or myself.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Sergio Romo


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