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Plan Your Child's Baptism

Congratulations on the birth of your child! We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to have your child baptized at Saint Andrew Parish!

If this is your first child, we ask that you attend a virtual Baptismal Preparation class. These are scheduled at your convenience and take about 40 minutes. The parish office will arrange for an instructor to get in touch with you to complete the class.

We schedule baptisms on the second and fourth Sunday of each month immediately following the 9:00 AM Mass, and typically we limit the number of children baptized to two. The parish office will work with you to schedule the baptism.

Next steps:

  • Contact the parish office at 773-525-3016 or
  • Provide them with the following information:
    • Full name of the child (first, middle, and last)
    • The date of birth
    • Is this your first child to be baptized?
    • Where the child was born (city and state)
    • Address
    • Telephone number
    • Father’s full name (first, middle initial if appropriate, and last)
    • Father’s religion (Catholic or other)
    • Father’s email address
    • Mother’s full maiden name (first, middle initial if appropriate, and last). It is the tradition of the Catholic Church to use the mother’s maiden name on baptism records and certificates.
    • Mother’s religion (Catholic or other)
    • Mother’s email address
    • Were you married in a Catholic church? (yes or no) If yes, what parish (parish name, city, and state)
    • The names of the sponsors (often called Godmother and Godfather). At least one sponsor must be Catholic, at least 16 years old and Confirmed. If the sponsors are not yet decided, this information can be added later.
  • Proposed baptism date. The office will work with you to schedule the baptism.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Chris O’Malley, office manager, 773-525-3016,

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Church and Rectory

The church is located at the corner of Paulina and Addison
3546 N Paulina St, Chicago, IL 60657  Office Phone: 773-525-3016
Office Hours: M-F 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Sat 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Sun 9:00 AM – Noon.

The chapel, auditorium, and social hall are located at the corner of Hermitage and Addison.

Saint Andrew School

The school and gym are located at the corner of Paulina and Addison
1710 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613  Office Phone: 773-248-2500

Mass Times

Saturday Vigil

3:00 PM Reconciliation (Church)
4:00 PM Mass (church)


9:00 AM Mass (church)
11:00 AM Mass (church)
5:00 PM Mass (church)

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