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Remembering Fr. Jack Farry

With great sadness, we share that Fr. Jack Farry, our pastor emeritus, passed away on Thursday, August 12, 2021

Fr. Farry served as our parish’s 7th pastor from 2001-2009. He was well loved by all for his kindness and warmth. Many will remember the countless stories he loved to tell. Many more will remember his strong and calming presence in personal moments of sadness as well as joy. For 56 years he served faithfully as a priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago, calling believers to holiness and friendship with the Lord.

Thank you to the many people who shared memories and reflections of Pastor Emeritus Fr. Farry either in person or electronically this past week. The wake, funeral, memorial service, and candle light tribute were touching moments filled with grace. We give thanks knowing that our parish was truly blessed to have Fr. Farry serve us for so many years.

Please take a moment to watch this short video of the candle light tribute:

You are invited to leave a comment, favorite memory, or testimonial about Fr. Farry below.

Please Leave a Memory or Testimonial Below

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  1. No matter what the gathering, if Father Farry was going to be there, you knew it would be a little brighter. People would pay a little more attention or have a little more fun, and everyone would go home remembering something he said. Whether mass or committee meeting, social gathering, school event, fundraiser or celebration, you could glance over at Fr. Farry and instantly feel like whatever was going on, it was worth it; whatever the issue, it would be illuminated; whoever was there mattered, and what you were doing was good. I feel so blessed to have known him, and grateful for all he brought to us during his Saint Andrew years.

  2. Father Farry was always there to give support. He always made you feel welcome. I remember the times my mom was in the hospital for surgery, he always came to give her a blessing. He also came to the nursing home. When I was going through tough times when teaching at St. Andrew he was there to listen and given support. He will always remain special to me. Thank you Father Farry.

  3. We are saddened to hear of Fr. Farry’s passing. His first homily at St. Andrew set us on fire! It was the same day we baptized our oldest daughter Maya in 2001. As we started to get to know Fr. Farry we became much more involved in the parish. One of the projects that we worked on together was the facilities committee, where we met many other life long parishioners as we came together to plan for repainting Monsignor Quinn’s green 🙂 Fa. Farry always shared his opinions with grace while inspiring us to our highest potential. He was never afraid to share the truth and lead our parish. At one point the parish made “Fr. Farry bobblehead dolls…when I see it I chuckle and remember him fondly. Through the years he had been a great friend and tremendous support to our family. He will always hold a place in our hearts and continue to inspire us.

  4. I remember the first week Fr Farry arrived. I got groceries and when we came home my kids rapidly dispersed. As I turned to gather them to help me bring groceries in the house Fr Farry was there and said “Do you know where you can find a good catholic church?” and the rest is a history of good friendship.

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